How To Remodel Your Roof

Have you ever thought about getting vaulted ceilings Inside your home or changing the look of your house roofing style to a bungalow or cottage style?

One way would be to modify the pitch of your roof. The pitch of a roof is its slant or the steepness of the slope. The pitch of your roof is set by the walls, ridges, and rafters in the roof in your loft space.

Altering the pitch of the roof is more involved than simply replacing the roof tiles or other materials. To put it clearly, a roof replacement is not routine and should only be necessary for modification or to repair damages.

When talking about getting a “new roof” it typically means ripping off and replacing any damaged roof materials such old shingles and tiles, as well as replacing flashing, and the gutter system.

Changing the pitch of your roof would require massive structural changes like replacing the roof’s ridges, props, rafters, eaves and internal walls.

Roof Replacement and Structural Change

Below are three reasons why you would want to replace your roof or change the structure.

Major Problems

Replacing your roofs underlying structure would have to take place if your roof has a critical rot issue or is sagging. If a roof is sagging it can sometimes reveal a problem with not only the roofs decking but also the roofs foundation.

It is uncommon to see these serious issues on a home that has been well maintained. But if you’re taking a look at restoring a house that’s been sitting vacant for a long time, you are more likely to encounter this.

New Home Addition

Since the cost of changing your roof construction is more like the expense of adding to your house, it’s something you might think of doing if you are also planning an improvement.

If you’re adding an additional storey to your home you will need to replace the roof anyway and you will have to consult a structural engineer; this is often the case when altering the pitch of your roof. This could give you the chance to create your roof a new form and change the general look of your house.

Head Room

If you like the layout of your home and don’t want to add another story but you would like to include vaulted ceilings or just raise the ceilings inside your home, you might be taking a look at a structural change to your roof.

Most of these changes can be done with your existing construction, but you won’t recognise this until you consult a roofing contractor or engineer.

Considerations for Changing the Pitch Your Roof

A change in the pitch of your roof will impact everything from the way that your roof looks, the way it manages water, and more.

It’s not a cheap project, so be aware that you’re getting into a significant renovation if you are changing your roof’s shape.

If changing the shape of your roof isn’t necessary, some builders would advise you to just leave it as it is and look for a new home. It doesn’t just include the framing of the roof, but it could possibly affect the electrical and plumbing systems within your property as well as the insulation and drywall costs for replacement and adding what was lost.

However, for some houses, it could solve a variety of problems — such as water pooling and debris trapping — and make your next roof survive a lot longer. It might also create more space in the loft.

Take Away

Whatever reason you are thinking about changing the pitch of your roof, make sure to consult a professional home renovation companies or a professional roofer for your best options.

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